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Politics. Scandal. Corruption.

Fractured Republic

The Republican and Democratic Parties have collapsed. Capitol Hill is in chaos. The economy is in free fall. Someone must step up and take charge.

Anna Rothwell is the brilliant young Chief of Staff to Willis Montgomery, a senior Member of Congress. She has always dreamed of holding a position of power. When the country’s future is at stake, Montgomery announces his candidacy for Speaker of the House, giving Anna her chance.

Anna trusts no one in the Capitol’s backstabbing, poisonous environment. As the Speaker election grows near, other candidates suffer suspicious personal tragedies, questionable ethics charges, and possible framing for felonies. In the end, Anna must decide: should she fulfill her life’s ambition or pursue the truth, wherever it might lead?


Passing along the day’s most prominent whispers in the United States Congress’s House of Representatives.

Soooo... what happens if, like 1918, we have an even worse flare-up of #Covid_19 in the latter part of this year and we're on a total lockdown in November? #Election2020

1/2 Not passing judgment on whatever decisions get made, but there's a reason the US puts civilians in charge of decisionmaking, including the military and all manner of government programs. Sometimes narrow expertise needs balance from broad perspectives too.