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Quarantined Thoughts

Mar 30, 2020

Ok, so the thoughts themselves aren’t quarantined, but I am. A few things that have been floating through my mind:

  1. Why is it so hard to get things accomplished when you have MORE time to do them? I’m infinitely better at this than I was back, say, in college, but it’s still hard. When presented with a large block of time, I have a tendency to just not do anything rather than tear through my backlog.
  2. This even applies to things I really WANT to do, like get through writing my next book. Finally got out of the planning phase and put the proverbial pen to paper, but it’s just hard to push forward with so much unscheduled time.
  3. Still loving the whole quarantine thing, tbh. As an introvert, I’ve kinda been wishing for this my whole life. Miss talking to/seeing some people at work, but I do love working from home.
  4. We all need a mass Zoom tutorial. For some reason, no host can figure out how to mute all participants. I think it’s because they’re used to conference calls, which are run slightly differently, but it’s annoying.
  5. I wish it would stop raining so I could mow my lawn. It’s like a literal swamp. The EPA might not let me mow it because it now appears to be a wetland.
  6. My political prediction: the excrement is going to hit the fan when Congress proposes Phase 4 of the Coronavirus Rescue Package. People were fine to just blow through Phases 1-3 because of the urgency of the situation, but there is growing discontent over the huge price tags… I’m already starting to sense that a lot of people are feeling buyer’s remorse and will put much more pressure on Congress in any future packages to tighten them up or say no entirely.

That’s enough unsolicited opinions for now. What are your quarantined thoughts? Would love to hear them. Stay safely distanced out there…